Review of Blood Warrior by Allen Summers

Blood Warrior by Allen Smith is an adventure/fantasy story that gives a new twist to the vampire legends. I was asked to review it a long time ago by a friend of mine, and I had forgotten how much I had enjoyed it.

~~~~Some Spoilers Ahead!~~~~

Blood Warrior is a fictional novel about the life of Connor, a warrior who has one purpose: track down the Dark Master and destroy him. Connor has been chasing this evil for over 600 years, and he will not rest until his destiny is fulfilled. But the Dark Master isn’t of this world, and the story quickly takes us into a realm full of fantasy and danger. The first book in a series, Blood Warrior shows us the life of Connor through flashbacks, and you learn that he is more involved than you can 41nRnzHlnXL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_imagine.

I really enjoyed reading Blood Warrior. The storyline was unique and kept you engaged with every page. The characters were well-written and easy to relate to, and you felt every emotion that Connor felt in his quest to destroy the evil and avenge the ones he loved. There were some unanswered questions, though, the biggest one being how/why does he have different spirits inside him? It’s never really explained.

It’s a modern, unique twist on the fantasy genre. You have aspects of aliens and vampires, and the use of religion as a front to take over humanity is a brilliant idea. The main characters are far from perfect, giving us a taste of realism in this fictional world. The underlying dispute with the Blood Guardians and The Dark Ones keep the tension high, and you are forever wondering who will make the first move. Connor is caught in the middle of the dispute, making him a pivotal point in the story. The complex relationships he forms with the creatures only make the battle sweeter at the end.

My critiques are mainly about presentation. There were a few punctuation errors and a missed word here and there. The way you jumped between past and present without a warning startled me and took me a moment to realize where I was. A transition between them, at least in the beginning, would help the reader cope with moving back in time. And the end battle scene seemed a bit anticlimactic, and could be improved upon.

Overall, I rate it a 4 out of 5 for it’s unique plot line, rounded characters, amazing setting, and decent dialogue. Took points away for the problems listed above, and the fact that it was too short.

About the Author:

Not much is known about the mysterious Allen Summers, except that he loves to write fantasy stories about aliens. His most notable titles include Blood Warrior, How to Be Kind to Aliens, Doorway to Tapa, and Adventures of an Everyday Hero. He co-wrote many of these title with Valera Ainsworth, who is also the illustrator. No author photo could be found. For more titles, you can visit his page on Fiction Database.


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