Tea Tuesday: Flavorful Fennel

If you’ve ever known someone with a herb garden, you may have come across an interesting, green herb that tasted like licorice. This plant is known as Fennel, and it’s actually very good for you! fennel-leaves

Fennel has been grown since ancient times and was very popular in the Mediterranean basin. Romans used it as a way to keep thin, and they also ate it in the belief that it would make them strong.

While I can’t say that fennel will give you strength, I do know that it can help you stay thin.

Fennel combats obesity by suppressing the appetite, boosting your metabolism, preventing water retention, and being a powerful digestive aid. Fennel is a natural diuretic, which flushes your body of excess fluids, and it promotes digestion. This can also reduce gas and bloating. Fennel will also help flush out the toxins in your body and can help rebuild the digestive
tract after radiation or chemotherapy.

Basically, it’s a really awesome weight-loss aid.

186567262_XSIf you’re not impressed yet, just wait. Fennel does so much more!

Fennel can also protect you from colon cancer because it removes toxins from your body; it has phytoestrogens that help with menstrual problems; can help lower your blood pressure with it’s diuretic properties; and is even rumored to help milk production in nursing mothers.

And it tastes a lot like root beer!

If you’d like to know more about Fennel and it’ history or benefits, you can check out LiveStrongTop 10 Home Remedies, or In Depth Info.

Do you have a favorite tea recipe? Let me know in the comments below!

The photos were taken from Top 10 Home Remedies and Dietitian on the Run.


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