Review of Writing is My Drink by Theo Nestor

Writing Is My Drink by Theo Pauline Nestor is a humorous and supportive look into the life of a writer. This book is funny, sarcastic and gives you a real-world look into the challenges that all writers face.

~~~~Some Spoilers Ahead!~~~~

Theo Nestor, author of “How to sleep alone in a King Sized Bed,” brings us her new novel Writing is my Drink, a helpful guide on finding your true voice as a writer. Nestor teaches us how to find our voice by guiding us through her life as awimd-34 writer-wannabe, someone who yearned to write but never knew where to begin, and how she finally found her voice and became the writer she had always dreamt of being.

Nestor writes with a unique and humorous tone, often making fun of herself and her flaws. But despite the humor, Nestor is completely honest about the struggles that many writers often face in their work. She tackles the tough subjects, like what to do if you hate your work, what happens when you simply cannot write, and giving yourself permission to write for yourself and not worrying about the feelings of who you may be writing about. She reminds us that sometimes writing for the sake of getting it on paper is sometimes the best writing of all.

I really enjoyed this book, not only for the candor in which Nestor shares her experiences with us, but for her genuine need to help us become better writers. At the end of each chapter, Nestor added a list of writing prompts that are designed to accompany the previous chapter and help us identify why we aren’t writing in our own voices yet. Prompts such as “Write about a place you love for ten minutes. Go for the detail. What about that place inspires you?” or “Answer this: How can you give yourself permission to write?” And many more such prompts herald the end of a chapter, challenging us to dig deeper into ourselves and become the writer we’ve always wanted to be.

I give this book a solid 5 of 5, and would highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever wanted to write, but didn’t know how to begin or didn’t think their work was good enough. In Writing is My Drink, Nestor wraps her arms around us and tell us it’s ok to have bad work, and we will have bad work, but what makes us true writers is that we never give up. We keep on writing, even when it seems all hope for the story is lost. Because in the end, we aren’t writing for the audiences. We are writing for ourselves.

About the Author: 

31t6JhurzqL._UX250_Theo Pauline Nestor is an accomplished writer and event coordinator. She has two novels and several articles under her writing belt, and she often teaches classes on memoir writing. Her debut memoir, How to Sleep Alone in a King-Sized Bed, was published in 2008 and was quickly followed by Writing is My Drink in 2013. To learn more about this author and her works, visit her Website, her Amazon Page, or connect with her on Facebook. The author’s photo was taken from Amazon.


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