Review of Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings: Cleopatra’s Pearls by J. Lee Roberts

Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings by J. Lee Roberts is a short, sexy adventure into the world of the paranormal.

~~~~Some Spoilers Ahead!~~~~

Antique store owner Catalina is not your ordinary woman. In fact, she’s not human at all. Catalina is the queen of the Nightlings, a race of succubi that harness the powers of sex to maintain their immortality. When Catalina hears that the 10173606_1404008469879252_5489735702543570841_nDuchess has a rare collection of jewels, she cannot resist the temptation to see them for herself. She attends the party and meets up with a very old friend…one she hasn’t seen in years. He helps Catalina with her goal, and Catalina returns to her home victorious and ready to retire.

But when you’re the queen, retirement is never easy.

As far as short stories go, this one is full of great information. It’s written from Catalina’s point of view, which gives us an inside look into the life of a supernatural queen. She is ageless, sexy, cunning, and knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. She is not above using her sexual powers as a distraction, and the world is in the palm of her hand.

The dialogue moves the story along appropriately, the setting is well described, and the numerous sex scenes are imaginative and descriptive without being too vulgar. I also felt like the sex was used with a purpose, and Catalina was in full control the entire time.

The only problem I could find is with the punctuation. There were quite a few places where the punctuation was wrong or missing, but I don’t feel like it harmed the essence of the story.

Overall, I give it a 4 of 5. It’s very well done for a short story…especially one with as much sex in it as this one has. There’s no tacky sex-talk, and all the scenes feel real and natural. Well, as natural as you can be with supernatural beings. As for Catalina…well, it’s good to be the queen!

About the Author:

61fJ2ve5WVL._UX250_When she’s not writing, J. Lee Roberts loves to dance, garden, and spend time with her “hunky, blue-eyed partner.” J. Lee also enjoys spending time with her girlfriends, and she claims that anything can happen at a girls night. Each volume of Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings can be read alone or as a series. Vol. #1 is Cleopatra’s Pearls, Vol. #2 is The Aztec Goddess and soon to be released is Vol. #3, The Last Seeing Stone. This Christmas she plans to release Vol. #4, The Nativity. J. Lee is also in the process of finishing her first full-length thriller, titled The Cross. To learn more about this author and her works, visit her Website or her Amazon Page. The author’s photo was taken from Amazon.


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