Review of Naked by Julie Freed

Naked by Julie Freed is a true story of love, loss, and the hope that drives us all.

~~~~Some Spoilers Ahead!~~~~

Naked is the true story of Julie Freed’s survival through incredible odds. When hurricane Katrina threatened the shores of Mississippi, Julie is forced to evacuate with her daughter, Genoa. Days before the evacuation is set to begin, she gets an email from her husband Connor, who is in Miami Beach working on his residency. Connor unexpectedly ends their seven-year marriage, leaving Julie alone to deal with the crises at hand.10270382_1472223996379994_6821539152716470364_n

As her life is stripped bare by the hurricane and impending divorce, Julie takes
advantage of her nakedness to reclaim the life she once loved. With Genoa by her side, she begins the long and painful journey into the heart of the storm and discovers that she is a lot stronger than she originally thought.

And if the hurricane couldn’t keep her down, then nothing ever would!

I was really touched by the raw emotions in this book. Julie gives us an intimate look into her life; showing us details of her past, her messy divorce, and the utter devastation that Katrina caused to her neighborhood. The title, Naked, is highly appropriate because that’s exactly what Julie is doing. She is exposing the most painful aspects of her life to us so that we can take hope from them. And that’s exactly what we do.

After the hurricane, Julie’s story becomes one about hope for the future. Even with Connor’s selfish demands during the divorce, Julie is secure in herself as a woman, and this is an inspiration to anyone who has ever known loss. She shows us that no matter the circumstance, we can always rise above it and move on. A house doesn’t make a home, nor does divorce mean the end of the world. She stays true to herself throughout the entire ordeal, and when you look at the fake society around us today, this shows incredible strength. But it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. The story is riddled with extreme loss, confusion, worry, and frustration. But there is also love, hope, peace, and acceptance, which makes it a dynamic and versatile story. The setting was well described, the dialogue moved things along appropriately, and the characters were as life-like as they could be.

Overall, I give it a solid 4 of 5. There is some unusual use of punctuation which makes the text seem choppy at times, but perhaps this is the author’s intention. However, it doesn’t take away from the power of the story. It’s a book that I believe everyone can relate to; for we’ve all been Naked at one time or another, and it’s good to know that we are not alone.

About the Author: 

unnamedJulie Freed is an award-winning author, mathematician, mother, professor, and lover of the sea. Naked is her debut novel and first memoir, and she has plans to continue her love of writing. She currently lives with her husband, two strong-willed daughters, a slippery frog, and a feisty dog. To learn more about this author and her works, you can connect with her on Facebook, visit her Website, or follow her on Twitter. The author’s photo is a statue that features in her story.


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