Wordy Thursday: Tittynope

I seriously thought that Wednesday was Thursday, so I got my posts a little mixed up this week, but no worries! I have a ptg00763079great word for you this week that should make up for any clerical error.

That word is:


Yes, you read that right. This unusual word comes from Voxy, and they define it as “a small quantity of something left over.”

Collins Dictionary backs that definition up by listing it as “A small residual of something.”

Tittynope (tit-ee-n-oh-p) is usually used in regards to food or drink, which makes it incredibly easy to use in a sentence, if not a bit hilarious. Some examples include:

“Finish your dinner, young man! There’s still a tittynope on your plate.”

“I reached for the brandy, but there was only a tittynope left in the decanter.”

“Are you saving that tittynope for later?”

It’s that simple! To learn more about this unusual word, you can check out For Reading Addicts or Words Worth Knowing.

The image came from Here


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