Review of Mara’s Homecoming by Audra Hart

Mara’s Homecoming by Audra Hart is the first book of the Beast Realm Chronicles; A sexy, gritty dive into the world of shapeshifters.

~~~~Some Spoilers Ahead!~~~~

Mara Montgomery has spent the last thirteen years in hell. On the run from the people 714s-GkUW-L._SL1200_who stripped her of her powers, she ends up on a farm in New Mexico looking for a job. When she realizes that Logan owns the farm, Mara is confronted with a man who used to be her entire world. Can she put her bitter past behind her and be happy with a family she thought she lost? Will Logan be able to get past his broken heart and take Mara back? Mara and Logan must learn to trust each other again, but a dark secret in Mara’s past may be their undoing.

This book was too short! Mara’s heartbreaking story of loss, torture and humiliation tugs at your emotions and helps you connect with her. Logan’s hatred of hit mate is overpowering, and you really feel the struggle as he tries to sort out his feelings for the woman who abandoned him so long ago. Cameron’s excitement over finding his mother again and Mara’s equally strong elation at finding out her son is alive, rounds off this family dynamic. Each character is well written, and grow according to the situations. I also love how Hart incorporates characters from her other books into this series, bringing her books into one universe.

I’ve said before that jumping from first person view to first person view is always challenging, and Hart manages to do it well. There were one or two places where I was a little confused by the jump, but overall it was well done. I did notice that some of the paragraphs were in different formats, with some being bold and others being thin, but that may just be my Ipad reading it differently.

I give it a 4 out of 5. Everything flowed together to bring us into this world of magic, gods, shape-shifters, and the birth of an entirely new species. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

About the Author:

Audra Hart loves writing sexy paranormal romances and bases a lot of her work in the southern United States. The Beast Realm Chronicles is her second trilogy and was preceded by the entertaining Airendell Chronicles. Both series have their own characters to love, but they also tie into each other, which gives us the picture of a complete universe. To learn more about this author and her works, check out her Amazon page, Facebook profile or follow her on Twitter.


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