Tea Tuesday: Enriching Elderberry

Fall has officially arrived, and that means winter is right around the corner. To protect yourself from catching colds, the flu, and a variety of ailments, stocking up on Elderberry tea may be a great idea! 160x-elderberry

Elderberry is one of the most useful medicinal plants used today, but it’s medicinal and culinary uses have been around since the stone age. The Elder Tree was written about and used in the time of Hippocrates, Dioscorides, and many other herbalists throughout the centuries. It also has some fascinating mythology attached to it, which you can read about at Sacred Earth if you’re interested.

Elderberry Tea is usually made from it’s leaves, flowers or berries. The taste is said to be sweet and tart; similar to the taste of blackberries, and the berries are usually harvested in the late summer-early autumn.  But enough about that, let’s hear about what they can do!

Elderberry Tea is one of the best things you can drink for your cold and/or flu symptoms. It boosts your immune system, breaks fevers, reduces aches and pains, and breaks up the congestion in your lungs. Actually, Elderberry is great for overall lung health, so it’s also recommended for those who suffer from bronchitis or asthma. It’s been suggested that those who drink 3-4 cups of Elderberry tea a day see their symptoms clear up much faster than those who do not. And drinking a cup or two while you’re healthy can even prevent you from catching the flu in the first place.

elder-berry-teaBesides being a great cold and flu healer, Elderberry can also reduce inflammation and promotes healthy skin, but one of it’s greatest benefits is how it detoxes your blood. Purifying and detoxing your blood helps your organs work more efficiently and keeps them healthy and strong.

Most Elderberry teas can be found at your local health food store or purchased online. I recommend using organic if possible, but any Elderberry is better than none! For more information about this incredible plant, check out ElderberryTea.orgElderberryTea.net, or Herbal Legacy. You can also check out Wellness Mama for a great Elderberry Tea recipe.

The photos were taken from Elderberrytea.org and Herbwisdom.com


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