Wordy Wednesday: Fopdoodle

Today’s word is one that is pretty silly, but it has an interesting history behind it. That word is:


I found this word on Huffington Post, and the article in question defines it as “an insignificant fellow.” The Free Dictionary further defines it as “A stupid or insignificant fellow; a fool; a simpleton.”

This word was first introduced in Noah Webster’s 1828 dictionary, which is widely i26gpjregarded as the first truly comprehensive dictionary of American English, and as one of the most important dictionaries in the history of our language. However, Webster described it as “Vulgar and not used.” The word comes from the time of Shakespeare, who described a foolish person as a “fop.” It has since been removed from traditional dictionaries, but I think it’s pretty fun!

And using it in a sentence is incredibly simple. Fopdoodle is a noun, and you can use it wherever nouns are appropriate. Some examples are:

As I was ending my debate, someone’s grandmother approached me and said, “I believe that you, young man, are a fopdoodle.”

Maggie began to cry.”Oh my gosh, John is such a fopdoodle!” Her friend, trying to comfort her, could help but laugh. “Who says’s fopdoodle anymore? What even is that?”

“No words have ever cut deeper than when my father announced to the world that I was a fopdoodle.”

To learn more about this interesting word, check out the links above, or visit 100 Old Man Words. The photo of Hugh Laurie as the ultimate Fopdoodle was found Here.


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