Review of Midnight Forever by Brandon D. Henry

Midnight Forever by Brandon D. Henry is a collection of spine-tingling short stories.

~~~~Some Spoilers Ahead!~~~~

There are 10 stories in this compilation, and every one of them touches on a different fear.23419724

Dead of Winter is the story of a man who encounters a frightful spirit in the woods of his hometown.

Der Spiegelsaal (Hall of Mirrors) is the story of a young man who finds himself in a hall of mirrors after attending Oktoberfest. It seems normal at first, but you quickly realize that the mirrors are not what they seem.

Her Portrait in Black is the story of a teenage girl who developed a fascination with the haunted house in her neighborhood. She decides to explore it one night…and walks right into a nightmare.

Boogie is about three travelers who get tired in the middle of nowhere and look for a place to rest. They soon come across an old house by the side of the road. It’s burned, but they figure it’s a good place to stretch their legs. When one of them enters the house out of curiosity, they set things in motion that would terrify the stoutest of hearts.

The Chess Game touches on the idea that true friendship will never die, even if one of you already has.

On the Streets of Munich is a unique story in that it’s from the perspective of a ghost. To say any more would ruin the surprise.

The Thing Walked in the Fog is a story that embraces our fear of fog and the creatures that could be lurking within.

The Shadow on the Wall is about a clown. Need I really say more?

Blood is the story of Carina, a seasoned Vampire who finds herself in an interesting position.

And The Sweetness of the Red Death is a story that was created as an epilogue to Poe’s great masterpiece.
Each one of these stories has incredible potential, and they are all creepy in their own right. The characters and situations are unique, although you do see a few similarities throughout the stories. The similarities can help tie the stories together, which then helps create one terrifying universe.

That being said, I did find some issues. There were a few extra words where there shouldn’t have been, and a few were misspelled, but none of this compares to the punctuation. It was all over the place and made the book feel choppy at times.

Overall, I give it a solid 3 of 5. The stories were intriguing, but some improvements can be made. However, since this was the author’s first book of short stories, I feel like he can only go up from here!

About the Author:

10410165_959755147416348_7167593102533593966_nBrandon D, Henry loves all things creepy and dark, and he figured that the best way to express this love was to become a writer! Midnight Forever is his first book of short stories, and he has since then published several more books of short stories and poems alike. You can find all of his creepy works on his Amazon Page. If you’d like to learn more about the author, connect with him on Facebook. The author’s photo was taken from Facebook.


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