Review of The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold is a unique look at the lives of a shattered family in their search for hope.

~~~~Some Spoilers Ahead!~~~~

Two of the worst crimes imaginable in today’s world are rape and murder. We hear the stories all the time, but what we don’t hear about is what happens next. What happens to the family left behind? To the Lovely_Bones_coversibling that carry the burden of living for more than themselves? To the parents who constantly worry about if it’s going to happen again? To the lovers and friends that fall under suspicion, tarnishing their record forever? Alice Sebold had cleverly answers these questions, giving us a new hope that life will go on.

Susie Salmon was only 14 when she was raped and murdered in the winter of 1973. Her body was never found, and she watched from heaven as her family struggled to go on without her. You see the story through her eyes as she narrates the lives of those around her; lives that she would never have. Susie longs for the life that was taken from her, but she is also anxious to explore her heaven, which is unlike anything she could ever imagine. These two worlds collide as she watches over her siblings, Lindsey and Buckley, supports her father Jack, tries to call out to her mother Abigail, and follows her friends Ruth and Ray. But those aren’t the only people Susie watches over.

She also keeps tabs on her killer.

This is a tragic story that is extremely well-written. Sebold weaves the story into our hearts, and it is a story that will stay with me long after the book is closed. It lets you glimpse into the troubled lives of the family that was left behind, and you watch with Susie as they cry together, make mistakes, and find a new hope in the future.

I highly recommend this book! Dynamic characters, great settings, and an amazing use of emotion. I rate it a 5 of 5, and I can’t wait to find more books by her!

About the Author:

41w4EbFQ1zL._UX250_Alice Sebold is an American author who uses her personal experiences to weave masterful stories. The Lovely Bones was her debut novel in 2002 and was hailed as “the most successful debut novel since Gone With the Wind.” Since then, she has written several more bestselling novels, including Lucky: A Memoir and The Almost Moon. To learn more about this author or her works, check out her Biography, her Amazon Page, or follow her on Twitter. The author’s photo was taken from Amazon. 


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