Wordy Wednesday: Ataraxia

Today’s word represents something that we all need a little more of in our busy lives. It comes from Unused Words, a pretty neat website with a ton of information about words we no longer use. Definitely a good resource for those who like crosswords or word games.

Anyway, today’s word is:


Ataraxia (a-tuh-RAK-see-a) is a Greek word that means “Peace of mind; a pleasure that comes when the mind is at rest.” Free-Android-App-Yoga-GuruWhen written in it’s native language, it looks like this: αταραξια.

According to This Website,“The derivation of the term is instructive: a is a privative, i.e. meaning ‘not’; taraxia is the condition of being confused, disturbed, agitated, roiled, muddied or darkened — qualities which unfortunately characterize the quality of waking consciousness much of the time.”

They then go on to say that “It is often supposed that ataraxia implies passivity and quiet contemplation, but that is not necessarily so. Ataraxia can also be experienced during activity; this is action which is both internally and externally harmonized and in accord with Nature — i.e., a flow state characterized by effortless action, following divine inspiration without resistance.”

Basically, whenever you feel peace while reading, you are experiencing Ataraxia. This makes it fairly simple to use in a sentence. Some examples are:

“With each stroke of her brush, Julie felt a keen sense of ataraxia.”

 “Longing for a state of ataraxia, Kevin placed an earphone in each ear and turned up the soothing sounds of classical jazz.”

“Her mind was in a constant state of turmoil. she had studied about ataraxia, but had never been able to achieve it herself.”

Coincidentally, Ataraxia is also the name of a pretty cool band that plays Celtic and fantasy type music. You can check them out at Ataraxia.net. The photo was taken from Here.


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