Review of Rain by William S. Chadwick

Rain by William S. Chadwick is a terrifying tale about a man and the past that haunts him.

~~~~Some Spoilers Ahead!~~~~


When Charles Denmore moved to his secluded home on Wanaxe Island, he thought he had left his torrid past behind him. A former mobster, Charles was molded into a cold-blooded hit man with no regards for the sanctity of life. This gives Charles more than enough horror stories to last a lifetime, and all he wanted now was to relax in his new-found relationship with God.
Charles gave his life to God after a near-fatal stabbing, and now his greatest joy is sitting in his favorite chair while he reads his bible. As long as he has these two object, he is prepared for whatever the rainy season brings.

Well, almost everything.

As the rainy season begins early, Charles is horrified to discover that it has brought more than rain to his small home. As the storm increases, Charles is visited by the visage of his past, which plunges him into a hopeless world of despair. Charles was forced to relive every horrible thing he had ever done, a list that was too long for words, and his mind becomes fractured as the stress builds. During the story, Charles slips between his past life, his present reality, and horrific visions of what is surely his future in hell. He feels like God has abandoned him, and the shadow of his crimes is determined to break his spirit. As he slips in and out of reality, Charles realizes that the only constant thing is the sound of the storm around him. As the rain eats into his sanity, Charles begins praying for his salvation, unsure if it would ever come.

This story is not one for the faint of heart! There are numerous, graphic depictions of murder and torture from Charles’s former life, and you feel his pain as he relives each and every one. The settings are very visual, and you can almost hear the torrential rain that is driving Charles insane. The story mainly progresses through a series of flashbacks, and you get to watch Charles grow from scared little boy to cold-blooded killer, and then to a repentant middle-aged man. The growth is logical and well done, and you can clearly see his character change accordingly. The visions of hell are imaginative and terrifying, and you can truly feel Charles’s fear at the thought of spending an eternity there.

Overall, I give it a solid 4 out of 5. The ending was unexpected, and I felt like I could have been reading one of Frank Peretti’s works. Rain is imaginative and descriptive, and will scare you to your core. But the ultimate goal of this book is to teach you that there is always hope for forgiveness, no matter the circumstances.

About the Author:

61H1rj39voL._UX250_William Schylor Chadwick is an Arkansas native who has written short stories and poems since he was a small child. Nurtured by his Grandmother and Mother, Chadwick pursued his passion until he debuted with The Rabbitry in 2014. Since then, he has written Tommy, another horror story from beyond the grave, and Rain, his most recent title. For more information about this author or his works, you can visit his Website, his Amazon Page, or visit him on Facebook.


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