Wordy Wednesday: Phenakism

Since it’s October, and I’ve been doing some Halloween-themed posts lately, I feel like today’s word will fit right in! It’s another one I found on Unused Words, and it’s really quite splendid!

That word is:


Phenakism (pronounced FEE-nah-KIZZ-m) is defined as “Deception, trickery; the act of conveying false ideals or impressions.” Your Dictionary backs that up by defining it as “deception; trickery.”

Phenakism comes from the Ancient Greek word phenakite, which is a type of glassy crystal that looks like quartz or diamond, but it really has no value whatsoever. Sounds pretty deceptive to me!

trick-or-treatersUsing Phenakism in a sentence can be easy because it’s a noun, but you have to make sure the words fits with your writing language. Some examples of Phenakism in a sentence are:

“The young man was charming, but I could tell he believed the phenakism.”

“The phenakism in his academic paper was incredulous!”

 “It was difficult to find the shards of truth that were buried under the phenakism of the world.”

For more examples, and some really cool information on Phenakism, check out LexBook. The photo came from Here.

How would you use Phenakism in a sentence? Let me know in the comments below!


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