Review of Fraternity House by Arthur Jay

Fraternity House by Arthur Jay is a tale of hope, depravity, and the things we would do in the name of brotherhood.

~~~~Some Spoilers Ahead!~~~~

FHArthur’s only wish is to be a part of the Sigma Magma Delta brotherhood, and he would do whatever it took to get his letters and become a brother. What he didn’t realize was that “whatever it takes” involved brutal manual labor, emotional and mental depravity, and humiliations the likes of which had never been experienced before. All in the name of brotherhood.

Fraternity House is a detailed look behind the closed doors of the ΣΜΔ fraternity house. It details the structure of the brotherhood and gives us a look at everyone involved, from Vice President all the way down to the lowly Poops. Everyone has a role to play, and they all play it according to tradition. Punishments are imaginative and harsh, and the hazing takes on a life of its own during Pledge week. The hopefuls (including Arthur) are lured in with promises of unlimited beer, drugs and girls; but they are quickly stripped of all dignity as the week wears on. Those who survive are named brothers, and those who don’t are culled from the herd. Because, in this fraternity house, only the strong survive.

I thought this book was very well done. Having never been in a fraternity myself, I can only imagine that these details and characters are an accurate impression of life in a well-established fraternity. I was shocked at the copious drinking and drug use, and the depravity that the Poops are subjected to must be read to be believed. But the story itself flows well, and the characters are all one within the Brotherhood. Save for some punctuation errors, I don’t really have anything bad to say.

I give it a solid 4 of 5. I feel like it’s a rare look into fraternity life, and while I cannot say if the events are true, I do feel like I’ve learned something from Arthur’s story. After all, it’s not every day you get a look into the Fraternity House!

About the Author:

AJArthur Jay is an American writer and satirist who feels inspired by the likes of Kurt Vonnegut and George Orwell. Fraternity House is his debut novel, and he hopes to publish his next book, Everyone vs Everyone, in fall of 2015. To learn more about this author and his works, visit his Website, his Amazon page, or connect with him on Facebook. The author’s photo was taken from his website.


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