Wordy Wednesday: Deterge

This week’s unusual word comes straight from our friends at Oxford Dictionary. Who knew that the dictionary was a good place to find unusual words? 😉

Today’s exciting word is:


Deterge (de|terge) is defined as “to cleanse thoroughly.” Vocabulary.com defines it as “wipe away; to wash off or out, cleanse; chiefly in medical use: to clear away foul matter from the body.”219088-royalty-free-rf-clipart-illustration-of-a-dirty-blond-woman-washing-her-face-1

Oxford Dictionary claims that the word comes from the early 17th century; possibly from the French déterger or Latin detergere, which means ‘wipe away’. On another interesting note, this is also where we get the word detergent.

Deterge is a verb, and can be used as such in just about any capacity. Some examples of Deterge in a sentence include:

“All Margie wanted to do was deterge the slugs from her prized begonias.”

“In order to operate on this patient, we must first deterge all the blood from the body.”

“Joe was determined to deterge his body of heroin and make a clean start.”

Do you have another example of how Deterge could be used? Leave it in the comments below!

The photo came from here.


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