Review of Only a Dream by Jazz Singh

Only a Dream by Jazz Singh is a great twist on a classic love story.

~~~~Some Spoilers Ahead!~~~~

Only a Dream is a classic love story between Rhea and Varun, two modern Indians working in the hotel business. Although 51qqa43wzxL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_their love seems perfect in the beginning, not everything is what it seems. The novella begins when Varun comes back into Rhea’s life, wreaking havoc on her emotions although it’s been six years since she’s seen him last. The turmoil she feels lasts throughout the story, bringing the reader into a world of betrayal, blinding hurt, lost love, and painful memories.

The dialogue is engaging, the narrations were woven together nicely, and you have little trouble distinguishing who’s point of view you are reading. The description was well done, and you could clearly see the world around them, which made the story easy to read and did a good job of keeping you interested without overcrowding your senses. Character development was subtle, which I think is normal in most love stories. The main character’s are also flawed, which helps the reader identify with the story. They exhibit stubbornness, pride, vanity, and anger. They make the wrong decisions, and we love them better for it. We want them to succeed, because if they can succeed in love, so can we.

Unfortunately, I did find one or two incomplete sentences while reading, and, while they don’t damage the story, they do force the reader to pause and fill in the blank. Second, some of the dialogue was repetitious. Rhea also uses a lot of traditional Indian words, but we don’t know what they represent. A guide at the back explaining what those words mean would be beneficial so we can understand the full story without having to pause and look the word up.

Overall, I give this book 4 out of 5, and I really enjoyed reading the love story that was Only a Dream.

About the Author:

Jazz Singh started out by working in the fashion industry and ended up in media. She has always loved to read, and that led her to write. Only a Dream is her second published book, the first one being Against All Odds. To learn more about this author, visit her Amazon Page or her Goodreads Profile. No author photo could be found.


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