Tea Tuesday: Useful weeds, Part 3

Clover is often looked over as a medicinal plant, but it actually has some great benefits! It’s part of the pea family, and while cloverf1red clover is the most commonly used for tea, white clover also has some great benefits. Plus, white clover is one of the most common weeds in the world, which means it’s readily available in just about any backyard.

Every part of the plant is edible, and I have personally used the clover leaves in breakfast smoothies. The flowers that we’ve all made into headbands and necklaces at some point contain vitamins A, B, C, E; magnesium, calcium, potassium, chromium, among others. The clover leaves are full of protein, which is why they’re great for smoothies or salads.

Native Americans have used white clover to treat certain problems for decades, and it’s a practice that’s available to us all. White clover is used to help break fevers, can help with the common cold, and can be used to treat gout. Clover is also a blood purifier, which supports healthy liver and kidney function, and it can be created into an eyewash to treat minor eye irritation. Clover is said to promote a healthy immune system, can help relax the nervous system, and may even be a cancer-fighting agent.

These are just a few of clover’s surprising benefits, and you can find more at Home Remedies For You or Vitamins Estore.

Preparing clover tea is simple, and all you need are a few fresh flowers and some boiling water. According to Along the Garden Path, to make a great cup of clover tea, all you need to do is pick fresh flowers and leaves, rinse, and place in a tea kettle, tea posy, or small pot with water. Heat to almost boiling. Strain into a tea cup and add sugar or honey if desired. Enjoy! The flowers can also be harvested and dried for future use…just be sure to store them in an airtight container.

Next time you make those clover-flower necklaces, save those delicate buds for a healthy and refreshing cup of tea!


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