Review of House of Apache Fires by Morgan Jameson

Welcome to the first review of 2016! House of Apache Fires by Morgan Jameson is a thrilling look into World War Two and the people it affected.

~~~~~Some Spoilers Ahead!~~~~51BQIg2YQEL._SX315_BO1,204,203,200_

Life during World War II was nothing short of exciting, but for Jake, the excitement hit a little too close to home when a brutal murder rocked his hometown of Sedona, Arizona. When the sheriff dismisses it as a regular murder, Jake disagrees. He vows to find the killer on his own, and his investigation quickly turns up secret codes, Nazi spies, and a betrayal unlike anything he’s ever known before.

This was definitely an adventure worth reading! The characters were all
well-rounded, flawed, and grew appropriately with their circumstances. The settings were well described, and you could tell that the author put a lot of research into his work. Even the German dialogue seemed authentic, and that really helped to immerse you into the story. It is a rather long book, but it does a great job of keeping you glued to the pages.

Jake’s character growth was very well done, and you feel his emotions as he tried to solve Lily’s murder while overcoming his disability. Jake uses his skills as an army pilot to investigate, as well as some skills taught to him by his Apache uncle. Both sets of skills help Jake survive in the various hardships he encounters, but not so efficiently that we don’t worry about his safety. Everything is well balanced, as it should be.

However, I did find some flaws. There were some punctuation errors that led to extremely long sentences, and that tends to mess up the flow of the story a bit. I also felt like the book could have had a better title, for the House of Apache Fires was only mentioned once in the entire story. The story itself feels a bit choppy in the beginning as it bounces between Nazi Germany and Arizona, but everything comes together in the end, so we can forgive that.

Overall, I give it a 4 of 5. The characters were dynamic, the dialogue propelled the story along, and the setting was so clear that you’d swear you were right there with them. This is definitely a story to read if you’re a fan of WWII fiction!

About the Author:

10411907_914331451925979_1023044306492526389_nAn amateur historian, Morgan Jameson fell in love with the West and places most of his stories in that area. House of Apache Fires is his debut novel, but he is already writing more WWII thrillers for his audience to enjoy. To learn more about this author and his works, you can check out his Amazon Page or connect with him on Facebook. If you’re interested in a copy of House of Apache Fires, check out the link below!

House of Apache Fires

*Author photo was taken from Facebook*


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