Review of Millennium by Peri Hoskins

Millennium by Peri Hoskins is a reflective novel about a man’s journey to reconnect with his roots.

~~~~Some Spoilers Ahead!~~~~

Millennium is the story of Vince “Oz” Osbourne, a barrister from Australia who leaves hismillennium_cover_1571x2398 life behind and travels to the island of Tonga to ring in the new millennium with his childhood friend, Sykes. Once on the island, Vince begins to reconnect with this native roots, and he begins to remember that life is meant to be taken slowly and enjoyed, no matter what millennium you’re in.

This was written as a stream of consciousness memoir, and the author notes that it is a mix of fiction and non-fiction. The people are friendly and unique; each one teaching Vince something new about himself. The island setting was well described, and what dialogue there was served to move the story along. The story itself was more of a self-reflection, and it revealed more about the main character/author than anything else.

As great as the story was, the stream of consciousness style was somewhat difficult for me to follow. It seemed to bounce from idea to idea with no clear indication of where one idea ends and another begins, forcing me to stop and figure out the transition.

I have to give this story a 3 of 5. I really enjoyed the point of the story, but the formatting made it hard to stay immersed.That being said, this story was all about reconnecting with your roots and remembering where you came from, and that is the kind of story that needs to be told in every Millennium!

About the Author:

10420036_583688605076466_8650487292912170005_nPeri Hoskins is a barrister in his Maori ancestral homeland of New Zealand who enjoys writing in his spare time. Millennium is his debut novel, and he is currently working on a second novel, titled East, that will be released soon. To learn more about this author or his works, you can visit his Website, connect with him on Facebook, or check out his Amazon Page. If you’d like a copy of Millennium for yourself, check out the link below!

Millennium: A Memoir

The author’s photo was taken from Facebook.


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