Review of Actaeon by Fabio Centamore

Actaeon by Fabio Centamore is a thrilling adventure into the secrets of an unknown world.

~~~~Some Spoilers Ahead!~~~~

When a signal beacon on the planet Actaeon suddenly goes 51ufNRpWG9L._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_silent, Bernard Limited sends their best agent to investigate. But Nolan’s adventure begins long before he reaches the junction as he battles a radiation storm, living hallucinations, and an abandoned junction. As he looked for the missing crew, he discovers a secret so horrible that it may change his life forever.

This is a story full or potential, but it needs some work done before that potential is achieved. Some good points are that the plot is unique, the characters are fairly fleshed out, and the setting a well described. The dialogue does a decent job of moving the story along, and it does a good job of piquing your interest.

The thing that I had trouble with is the structure of the story. I think some of the language was too formal for this type of story, and that can be a bad thing. If a reader has to pause and look up a word, it takes them out of the flow and they can lose interest. Some of the sentences were also worded a bit strangely (For example: I saw the smoke begin to fill sinuously the compartment, it was becoming increasingly dense).

I give this book a 3 of 5. Despite its format problems, I truly believe that, with a bit of a clean-up, Actaeon can quickly become a Sci-Fi favorite!

About the Author:

4251_1138394869714_7525765_nFabio Centamore has been writing science fiction tales since 1994, but his first novel, L’Origine, didn’t appear until 2010. Fabio has since written several novels and anthologies, both in English and Italian, and plans to write many more. For more information about this author and his works, you can visit his Amazon Page or connect with him on Facebook. The author’s photo came from facebook.

If you’re interested in a copy of Actaeon for yourself, check out the link below!

Actaeon: An amazing planet adventure, a really lonely planet, an astonishing voyage in the Beacon Universe


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