Wordy Wednesday: Nelipot

This week’s word is one that I greatly identify with, and I believe some of you will too! I found it on this Unusual Word site, which has a ton of other strange and interesting words!

But enough about that. This week’s word is:


Nelipot is defined as “someone who walks around barefoot” or “A barefooted person.” (Collins Dictionary and Unusual Words)

From what I can find, it comes from the greek word nelipous (nelipodos), which means unshod or barefooted. (Wordsmith)


I identify with Nelipot because I hate shoes with a passion. If I can go barefoot, I probably will; be it summer or winter. There’s just something more natural about having your feet touch the ground. But I digress.

Using Nelipot in a word can be an interesting challenge since it’s such an unusual and formal word. Some examples may include:

“It appears that you are what’s commonly referred to as a nelipot.”

Edith had been a nelipot her entire life. There was no greater satisfaction than the feel of clover beneath her feet and flowers between her toes. When other girls were discussing shoes and fashion, Edith was happily digging her toes in the warm sand. Nothing they could say would change that.

“Nelipots are known for their free-spirited nature. If your daughter doesn’t want to wear shoes, it’s probably best not to argue.” “But sir, she’s the president.”

Have you ever used Nelipot in a sentence? Let me know in the comments below!

The photo was found on Pinterest


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