Finish-This Friday: Green Beginnings

This week’s Finish-This Friday is a short exercise that can be fun for everyone, no matter your writing background. The prompt is:


It says that you can use any color, but I’m going to stick with green. Here we go!

  1. Green jello doesn’t always taste like lime. Sometimes, it tastes like nothing.
  2. Green gigantic grasses grow gracefully, grabbing gentle ground.
  3. “Green carpet? Are you serious? Do you know how long it will take to clean that?”
  4. “Green.” “Green?” “Yes. I want to color my hair green.” “Okay.”
  5. Green dogs were generally unheard of in this solar system, but I was lucky enough to own the only one. Despite their odd coloring and extra feet, they were the best pets around.
  6. “Green eggs and Ham again?” “Yes, mama! It’s my favorite.” “But darling, we’ve read it a million times!”
  7. Green dresses with burgundy stripes were in this year, but I would never adhere to the new fashion trends. Plaid was good enough for me.
  8. Green eyes greeted me as I sat down at the bar and ordered my drink. The girl couldn’t have been more than eleven, and I’ll never know what she was doing working in a bar like that, but I do know that she poured the best Jack and Coke on the block. That was enough to make me a customer for life.
  9. Green dragons had gone extinct centuries ago….or so we thought. When I learned that one was possibly hiding out in the Rocky mountains, I had no choice but to go look for myself.
  10. Green meadows stretched out as far as the eye could see, and right on the edges of all that green were the darkened forests of nightmares. I always thought it was poetic that you had to travel through the nightmares in order to get to the fields of harmony, but it was always worth it in the end. After all, no nightmare lasts forever.

This challenge is a lot harder than it looks! I’m going to end mine here, but I would love to see what you come up with! Pick a color and let me know in the comments below!

Also, I found this prompt on Pinterest. If you’re interested in more prompts like this, feel free to check out my board of writing prompts Here.


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