Review of Twice as Fatal by Randy Weir

Twice As Fatal by Randy Weir is another thrilling mystery featuring our favorite Private Investigator, Jarvis Mann!

~~~~Some Spoilers Ahead!~~~~

Things have been looking up for notable Private Investigator Jarvis Mann, but work is Design 23always around the corner. When his landlady comes to him with a case, Jarvis readily agrees to help her out. However, what seems like a simple case quickly turns into something far more complicated…and far more sinister. Meanwhile, Jarvis is asked to take on a second case when the son of his friend goes missing. This sends Jarvis into a seedy world full of prostitution, blackmail, and murder. Can Jarvis hold off temptation in order to solve the case and save his relationship? Who are the real people in charge? And how could his two cases possibly be related? These are all questions that Jarvis must answer as he searches for the truth, no matter how fatal that truth might be.

This story is in keeping with Weir’s signature detective-story feel, and I couldn’t put it down! As before, the characters had depth and chemistry, the settings were well described, and the actions were intense! You’re still inside Jarvis’s head, which gives clarity to some of his actions during the course of his investigation, but also reveals him to be human and flawed. This just makes us love him more.

Twice as Fatal is written as a stand-alone novel, but Weir also ties it in neatly with his other two stories. You get to revisit old characters even as you are introduced to the new, which assures you that you are in the same book world. This gives the entire series a feeling of completeness.

I give this story a solid 4 of 5, and I fully believe that if you’re in the market for an adventure, Jarvis Mann is the detective for you!

About the Author:


Randy Weir is an IT professional by day, and writer of detective stories by night. His first short story, The Case of the Missing Bubblegum Card, debuted in 2014, immediately paving the way for Tracking a ShadowTwice as Fatal, and his newest release, Blood Brothers. To learn more about this author and his works, you can connect with him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, check out his Blog, or visit his Amazon Page. The author’s photo came from Facebook.

If you’d like a copy of Twice as Fatal for yourself, check out the link below!

Twice as Fatal: A Jarvis Mann Detective Novel


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