Finish-This Friday: Days of the Week

The weekend is almost here! To get us in the proper mood, I have found another creative writing prompt/exercise for us to enjoy. This one originally comes from Writers Write, a handy website full of writing ideas, but I found the photo on Pinterest. Let’s begin.


I love personifying things like this, so when I saw a prompt that required me to make people out of the days of the week, I couldn’t resist! Here we go:


Mrs. Monday is the CEO of a large financial corporation. She is in her early fifties, having worked at this company for thirty years and quickly rising through the ranks because of her shrewd business sense, determination, and hard work. The fact that she consumes her weight in caffeine never really comes up, and her employees are told not to mention it. She married once when she was thirty, but her devotion to work soon drove them apart. Now, she is residing in the Upper East Side with her only son and plans to work until she dies, at wich time the company will go to him.

Tuesday Jr. is the son of Mrs. Monday. He lives with his mother in the UES home, and he has been training for a life in the corporate world since he was young, but he dreams of leaving that behind and becoming an artist. Knowing that his mother would never approve, he puts his own dreams aside to make her happy. His current specialty is statistics, but he finds it all extremely dull. Approaching his thirtieth birthday, Tuesday wonders if he’ll ever have time to fall in love and get married. He met a charming woman on a corporate retreat one year, and he hopes to see her again.

Mrs. Wednesday is a stay-at-home mother of three. She just turned 35, and she loves her role as mother and caretaker. She feels like being a full-time mother has just as much responsibility as a 9-5 job, if not more, and her work ethic in that regard is especially strong. However, she is able to be more relaxed since she works from home, and she usually has a cheerful disposition. Wednesday’s home is nestled in the suburbs of Kansas. It is always clean and tidy, and visitors are always met with a warm welcome and a cool glass of lemonade. Her husband is a prominent lawyer in the community, and he loves the relaxed, at-home feel that she provides. Overall, Wednesday is very satisfied with her balanced life.

Thursday Jones is a recovering addict who is just waiting for his luck to change. He used to be an office manager, but that dull life soon drove him over the edge. He developed an addiction to alcohol and tranquilizers because that was the only way he could relax. His low-rent apartment in the slums of Florida always reeked of booze and smoke, and he didn’t realize that he needed help until his sister came to live with him. Now, he’s two years sober, though he still has some trouble relaxing at night, and his life is beginning to look hopeful again. Thursday believes that, even at 38, maybe he can start again.

Friday Marie is Thursday’s sister, and she moved in with him to help him with his drinking problem. She is only 25, but her art has always been featured in galleries around the world. She is very laid back about life, but she is fiercely devoted when it comes to her family. Naturally cheerful, she is a ray of sunshine wherever she goes.She loves to be social, and she will usually be found frequenting parties and social events, and sometimes she’ll bring Thursday with her (if no alcohol is involved), but she’s usually alone. Eventually, she hopes to bring in enough money with her art to get a nice beach-side apartment; somewhere where she can practice her art while Thursday makes a clean break from his old life. She has bright hopes for the future, and it seems like nothing can stand in her way.

Saturday is a 20-year-old beach bum on the California coast. He works part-time at the local surf shop, but he’s more likely to be found riding the waves. He is super relaxed about life, and his demeanor could almost be construed as lazy. But Saturday just goes with the flow, and very rarely will anything upset him. He is particularly proud of his blond dreadlocks, a stylistic choice that took him years to perfect. His family still resides in their Michigan home, but he set out for California as soon as he graduated. They still hope that he will go to college one day, but Saturday believes in living every minute like it’s your last. After all, he has no need of a degree when he’s on the waves.

Mr. Sunday is the elderly pastor of the Oklahoma Baptist Church. He has lived his entire life in the bible belt and takes his job very seriously. Approaching 60, he knows that his retirement is imminent. The congregation wants a younger pastor with fresh ideas, and he knows that they will find no shortage of applicants in the area. Mr. Sunday lives right next to the church with his wife of forty years. They have survived many different trials together, and he loves her as much now as he did when they got married. But Sunday is tired, and he is secretly glad for his retirement, even if it does mean that they have to move elsewhere. Maybe they could move closer to their daughter, who lives in a charming Texas city. As he prepares for his future, Mr. Sunday sends a silent prayer to God and thanks him for giving him the opportunity to teach his people. And deep in his heart, he knows that God is smiling back.


What do you think? I tried not to make it too long, but as I said before, I love challenges like this. What do you think the days of the week would be like as people? Let me know in the comments below!


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