Finish-This Friday: Not about Me

Today’s writing prompt comes from Writer’s Digest, a great magazine for anyone looking for more information about the literary world. They have a great selection of writing prompts and articles, and I just realised how sponsored this intro sounds. I’m not sponsored by any means: I just really like their content. Go check them out!

Anyway, the prompt I found is this: “Write a 20-line poem where every line begins with the first letter of your first name. The only rule is that it can’t be about you.”

Let’s begin!letter-e-monogram-md


Every time they see the wall

Eyes are drawn to the warning scrawl

Ears burn as the resounding cry

Echoes through the azure sky

Educated men would try to explain

Every reason for their pain

Expect the people to believe

Everything that they conceive

Exercising their social right

Exploiting the truth of sight

Each person can clearly see

Evidence of what shouldn’t be

Even then the leaders lie

Evoking images of July

Entering a time before

Every action was a chore

Expecting that life would find a way

Enjoying the product of the day

Ending the seeds of malcontent

Enclosing the people inside walls of cement


That was a lot harder than I expected! It’s difficult to make a coherent poem when every letter begins with E, but I think I did pretty well. Do you think you can do better? Let me know in the comments below!

The photo came from, with color added by yours truly.




One thought on “Finish-This Friday: Not about Me

  1. What is this blog I see?
    Writing by Erynn, a friend to me?
    Words are a balm for the soul,
    When the world is chaotic and sad.
    Words can take you away,
    Words can make you feel glad.
    Why does this poem sound like a Dr Seuss book?
    Why doesn’t it sound like a babbling brook?
    Well, probably because writing poetry is tough.
    Writing novels, on the other hand,
    Well there’s nothing so grand!
    Why not just make it easy and make it all up?
    Whether it rhymes or or makes sense,
    We will try not to sound too dense.
    Wubbababadub dub dub
    Writing verse 16, four more to go.
    What are more w words for heaven’s sake?
    Walrus. Wiener. Waitress. Wallet.
    Wakeboard. Wave. Weave. Willow.
    Well, thank goodness this ends here now.

    Love you Erynn!


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