Review of Trailer Trash with a Girl’s Name by Stacey Roberts

Trailer Trash with a Girl’s Name by Stacey Roberts is a humorous account of the author’s childhood.

~~~~Some Spoiler’s Ahead!~~~~

Stacey has had an unfortunate life from the very beginning. Growing up in a home with a51BXOPJNSVL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_ mother who couldn’t cook, wouldn’t take him to hospitals when he was sick, and was generally neglectful to him as she doted on his older brother, Layne. When her boyfriend Ted uproots them, packs them in a Winnebago and takes them on a cross-country trip to California, Stacey’s life goes from bad to worse. Trailer Trash with a Girl’s Name is a collection of the stories and events that happened along the way, and most of them have to be read to be believed.

This book, for me, was both hilarious and frustrating. The candid, humorous telling of these events barely overshadowed the obvious neglect that this young boy went through. And I understand that some of it may have been embellished for comedy’s sake, but it is still based on actual events in the author’s life. The characters came to life, especially his mother, and you learn to love and hate them accordingly. They are extremely flawed and broken people, and that makes the book hit close to home because, in the end, aren’t we all flawed and broken in some way?

The settings were well described, and the book easily sucked you in and kept you captive. The format was a little strange; with lists and author comments everywhere, but it really worked for this type of story.

I give Trailer Trash with a Girl’s Name a 4 of 5. I admire the way Stacey found humor in an otherwise tragic situation, and I really don’t think I could have survived in a Winnebago for as long as he did….especially with his mother!

About the Author:

21DXunJvtYL._UX250_When he was nine, Stacey Roberts and his family did move into a Winnebago and took the long journey to California. After several near-death experiences, including his mother’s cooking, Stacey finally made it to college, where he got a Master’s degree in European History. Trailer Trash with a Girl’s Name is his first published novel, and it’s sequel, The Fall of Ted the Drug Dealer, is in the works. To learn more about the author and his works, you can check out his Amazon Page or connect with him on Facebook. If you’d like a copy of Trailer Trash for yourself, click on the link below!

Trailer Trash, With a Girl’s Name

The Author’s photo came from Amazon.


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