Review of Fallen Redemption by R.B. Austin

Fallen Redemption by R.B. Austin is a sexy, paranormal romance that may be more than it seems.

~~~~Some Spoilers Ahead!~~~~


Fallen Redemption is a fantastical love story between a human girl and a vampire-like creature called a Behnshma. But what Emma didn’t realize was that Cade, the man-creature that turns her insides to jelly with a single glance, had a much higher purpose. He hunted the Fallen; soulless demons that fed off the souls of the humans. Cade and the others protected humanity against these monsters, which was why a relationship with a human was an extremely bad idea. But Cade and Emma are unable to live without the other, and that plunges Emma’s safety (and the safety of all humanity) into turmoil.

This story takes you deep into the battle between the Behnshmas and the Fallen, and it reveals a dark world beneath our own that we are blissfully unaware of. The fight scenes are action-packed and engaging, and you can practically see the fight unfolding before you. But the action isn’t the only thing about this story that’s engaging. The love story that intertwines these two characters is clearly felt, and the steamy scenes between them are imaginative and well thought out. The characters are well rounded, the dialogue is engaging, and the settings are well described.

 The only criticism I have is that the breaks between the Behnshma and demon points of view weren’t far enough apart, and it was easy to get confused on which side you were viewing.

I rate this story a 5 out of 5 for well-rounded characters, imaginative settings, realistic dialogue, and a unique storyline. Fallen Redemption is a romance for the ages, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

About the Author:

DSC01076.JPGR.B. Austin is a master storyteller who’s love of chocolate almost outweighs her love of writing. Fallen Redemption is her debut novel, and its sequel is titled Fallen Darkness. The third book of the series is in the works and will be out soon! To learn more about this author and her works, visit her Website, connect with her on Facebook, check out her Amazon Page, and follow her on Twitter. If you’d like a copy of Fallen Redemption for yourself, check out the link below!

Fallen Redemption (The Trihune Series Book 1)

The author’s photo came from her website.


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