Review of Red Days and Grey Nights by Brandon Collier

Red Days and Grey Nights by Brandon Collier is one woman’s epic journey to avenge her past and claim her future.

~~~~Some Spoilers Ahead!~~~~


When a pregnant Pepper goes on vacation to Puerto Rico, she never imagined that she would be kidnapped and forced into a life of slavery and abuse at the hands of the notorious Don Bolivar. Locked in a cage for days on end, Pepper’s only relief was imagining all the ways she would raise her child away from this life of depravity. When her child is born, however, Don whisks it away to a life unknown, and Pepper’s imaginings turn to the many ways she will take her revenge on Don if she ever escaped. But escape seems impossible; especially when Don has the entire island in his pocket.

I really enjoyed this story! It is Pepper’s great adventure as she goes from sex slave to vigilante as she fights for the life of her daughter and all the other women who have been forced into Don’s sordid business. The story is full of emotion as you experience the story through Pepper’s eyes, loving the things she loves and hating the things she hates. The settings are beautiful, and the details feel like they’ve been well-researched. Dialogue is appropriate and moves the story along wonderfully, and the main characters are dynamic and grow with the passing of time.

I did see some technical errors within the text, but they were infrequent and do not take away from the story at all. The other complaint I have is the length. This is a very long book, and I understand that the length is needed for such a detailed story, but it has the potential to scare away all but the bravest of readers.

I give this book a solid 4 of 5. Despite its length, I truly enjoyed this intricate story of slavery and revenge, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a longer read!


About the Author:

61bxA+OkP1L._UX250_Brandon Collier began his writing career while in school and quickly found a love of writing fictional tales with deeper meanings. Red Days and Grey Nights is his tenth novel in a long line of gritty thrillers, and some of his other titles include Under the Palms of Rio and Mercenary Measures. To learn more about this author and his works, you can check out his Amazon Page or visit him on Facebook. If you’d like a copy of Red Days and Grey Nights for yourself, check out the link below!

Red Days and Grey Nights

The author’s photo came from Amazon.


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