Wordy Wednesday: Erinaceous

This week’s word was found on Voxy.com, a great source of strange and unusual words and meanings. But, as you know, we are only focusing on one this week. So, without further ado, our word is:


Erinaceous (er-uhney-shuh s) is defined as “of, pertaining to, or resembling a hedgehog.” (Voxy) It can also mean “Of the Hedgehog family; like, or characteristic of, a hedgehog.” or “Belonging to the hedgehog family; resembling a hedgehog.” (Wordnik.com)

Basically, anything that even remotely looks like a hedgehog can be described as Erinaceous.

As soon as I saw this word, I knew exactly what my example would be: Martin Freeman. I am a huge fan of his work (Sherlock and the Hobbit trilogy especially), but what makes him a great example is that everyone thinks he looks like a hedgehog. Just look at that resemblance!


(Also, that photo came from an article on Buzzfeed devoted to comparing Freeman to a hedgehog. I warned you that everyone believes it!)

Anyway, Erinaceous is an adjective and can be used as such in your writing. Some examples may include:

“That shrub looks a bit erinaceous, wouldn’t you say?”

“Calling her erinaceous on our first date may not have been the best move, but what was I supposed to do? Her brown coat even had tiny spikes on it, for goodness sakes!”

“I had always known that I looked a bit like a hedgehog, but it wasn’t until someone called me erinaceous that I realized the truth. My name was Erin, after all, and my parents confessed that it was a play on my looks as opposed to my personality.”

How would you use Erinaceous in a sentence? Let me know in the comments below!


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