Finish-This Friday: Superstitions

Happy Friday the 13th! Since this is one of the most superstitious dates on the calendar, I wanted to do something extra-special. I couldn’t find the prompt that I wanted, so I made my own! You can still find it and others like it on my Pinterest board.

Here we go!


I know it sounds easy, but just think of the different possibilities! I’m going to attempt to do them both in the same story. Let’s see what happens.


Friday the 13th was always a night of adventure, but this month was different. A sleek, black cat crept out of his owner’s window and made his way into the alleyway. His yellow eyes shone in the light of the full moon, and he meowed softly when he reached the stone wall that separated the alleyway from the main road. A soft meow answered him as a second black cat approached him with a respectful nod.

“Shadow. Nice to see you at the wall again, my friend. it’s been too long.”

Shadow nodded. “Indeed. This night comes so rarely that I was afraid I would miss it. I’m not a young kitten anymore, Spot.”

The two of them turned and looked at the full moon.

“The others will be here soon. I’m looking forward to seeing new faces.” Shadow mused as they heard rustling behind them. “The younger generations have so much to learn about Human behavior. For instance, my human will meticulously shy away from anything that involves the number 13, but the bottom of my food dish will remain uncovered long after I’ve finished eating.”

Spot sucked in a breath. “Everyone knows that an empty food dish is bad luck! What do you do about it?”

“I’ve started leaving enough food in the bowl at the end of each meal to cover up any gaps I may have left. It leaves me a bit hungry, but there are plenty of birds and mice to make up the difference.”

Spot nodded. “That’s wise. Who knows what would have happened if your bowl had remained empty for long periods of time. Don’t humans know anything?”

Before he could answer, Shadow saw the figures of other cats as they entered the alleyway. He turned his back to the moon as he watched his brethren assemble, and the alley was soon full of black cats of various age and size. Shadow looked to spot and smiled before addressing the crowd.

“Welcome, brothers and sisters of darkness! Let the tenth Moon Vigil commence!”


Well, it’s not terrible. I made the superstition about their food bowl (because cats are annoying like that), and I didn’t use cats or mirrors when referencing Shadow’s owner’s superstitious nature. Overall, I call it a win!


Can you do better? Let me know in the comments below!!

The cat photo is from Here.


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