Review of Midnight Forever: Zombies 2 by Brandon D. Henry

Midnight Forever: Zombies 2 by Brandon D. Henry is another original look into a zombie-filled world.

~~~~Some Spoilers Ahead!~~~~


Midnight Forever: Zombies 2 brings us another unique look into the Zombie apocalypse. It is the sequel to Midnight Forever: Zombies, but can be read as a stand alone novel. You will read about a prison experiment that went horribly wrong, a man’s feverish nightmare, a woman’s attempt at escaping reality, and more. It also includes some new rules for engaging the Zombie horde, as well as some new poems to get you through the night.

The stories may be short, but the characters and settings are well described. There were one or two places where the punctuation was a little off, but it didn’t take away from the Zombie experience at all.

Overall, I give Midnight Forever: Zombies 2 a 4 of 5. It is another collection of original stories and poems that would be a great addition to any survivalist’s shelf!

About the Author:

10410165_959755147416348_7167593102533593966_nBrandon D, Henry loves all things creepy and dark, and he figured that the best way to express this love was to become a writer! Midnight Forever: Zombies 2 is just one of many books to choose from, and his other titles include Midnight Forever: Zombies, Midnight Forever: A Bloody Tea Party, and Midnight Forever: Winter by a Graveyard. If you’d like to learn more about the author or his works, visit his Amazon Page or connect with him on Facebook. If you’d like a copy of Midnight Forever: Zombies 2 for yourself, check out the link below!

Midnight Forever: Zombies 2

The author’s photo was taken from Facebook.


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