Finish- This Friday: Phobias

Greetings and welcome to another Finish-This Friday! I’ll admit that I didn’t have anything planned for today, but I found this interesting prompt on Pinterest and figured we could work with it. If you’d like to see more prompts like this, check out my Pinterest Board.

Here’s the prompt:


Ok, so it’s more of an observation than a prompt, but I like its potential. It’s personal enough to give us a basis, but vague enough that we can twist it whichever way we like.I’l begin.

My biggest phobia is death by falling, so that will be an easy one to work with. Maybe it was falling off a cliff while running from bandits, or death by early rollercoaster. Actually, yeah, let’s go with that.


The summer day was swealtering hot, but I hardly noticed as I waited in line for the first ever rollercoaster to grace our city. It was a genious design; with two inclines and enough twists and turns to make a person sick. As a fourteen year old, it was the perfect challenge. The line for the first ride of the day wasn’t very big since the locals were still suspicious of the new attraction, but I was excited. Nothing was going to keep me away.

As the gates finally opened and the carts began filling up, I quickly grabbed a seat in the very first cart. I was going to experience everything this baby had to offer.

I heard the click-clack of the carts as they began to climb up the first incline, and the adrenaline was pumping through me. I leaned forward in my seat as we came to the top and paused for half a second before hurtling back down. It was completely exhilarating, and I didn’t even notice that the cart had left me behind. I was flying through the air as I watched the coaster roll on without me. I felt hands reach out to grab me, but they simply weren’t fast enough. As I began falling back to earth, the realization of what was happening finally sunk in, and I couldn’t help but laugh as a single thought flew through my mind.

“Mother was right. My sense of adventure did eventually get me into trouble.”

This was my thought as I flew from the first rollarcoaster I’d had ever ridden, and would ever ride again.


It’s not the best, but there it is. I strongly dislike rollarcoasters, and, if the prompt is right, this would be the reason why.

Can you do better? My guess is probably so. Let me know about your phobia and how they came about in the comments below!


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