Review of Letters from the Heart by Fred Brede

In Letters from the Heart by Fred Brede, we learn that not all family secrets are the same. Some secrets can change us forever.

~~~~Some Spoilers Ahead!~~~~


When Lieutenant Nick Carson returns from his deployment with the Air Force, he immediately begins planning for his life as a civilian. Landing a sweet job in the mountains of his native South Dakota, Nick takes every opportunity to hike the trails and scale the mountains; reliving some of his childhood through nature. Knowing that his biological father walked the same paths comforted Nick, and he decided that it was time to ask his mother about what kind of man his father was before he joined WWII and never returned.

His mother shows Nick some heirlooms of his father, along with all the letters he wrote her while in the service. Using his skills as an intelligence officer, Nick quickly realizes that his dad had left clues for them in the letters and among the heirlooms. Determined to unravel the mystery, Nick sets off on a journey that will change his future, and the future of his family, forever.


I thought this book was pretty entertaining. It had great characters, a beautiful setting, and a nice mystery to offset all the romance. The characters had chemistry together, and you really got a feel for Nick and his family.

However, the book itself needs a bit of work. There were quite a few spots where the sentences didn’t make sense, or there was a word out of place. For example, there’s a sentence that goes “maybe I was needed a friend to talk to.” (chapter 3) and another that went “I liked the idea of coming back to me in February better.” (chapter 6). The story was also written in a more journalistic style, but I liked experiencing it through Nick’s eyes, so that was a good choice.

Overall, I give Letters From the Heart a 3 of 5. It had a lot of great points, but really just needs a bit of a clean up to bring out its full potential. Once that’s done, I can see this becoming a hit in no time!

About the Author:

13094350_1714458925461186_5854632518941936158_nFred Brede loves creating fictional characters out of North American history, and he hopes to give his readers a glimpse into the courageous people from that era. Letters from the Heart is his first attempt at the romance genre, and it was quickly followed by a sequel titled Fortunes of Love. Some of his other titles include From Glaciers to Mammoths, The Dam is Coming, and The Ghosts of Spokane. To learn more about this author and his works, you can check out his Amazon Book List, his Author Page at Destiny Authors, or connect with him on Facebook. If you’d like a copy of Letters from the Heart for yourself, check out the link below!

Letters From the Heart: An Extraordinary Romantic Adventure (Nick Carson Adventures Book 1)

The author’s photo came from Facebook.


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