Review of The Hero of Blind Pig Island by Jimmy Olsen

The Hero of Blind Pig Island by Jimmy Olsen is a collection of exciting Island adventures!

~~~~Some Spoilers Ahead!~~~~


The Hero of Blind Pig Island is a collection of 12 stories that send you right into the heart of island life.

Most of those stories revolve around Clive Mosby and his family as they adjust to life in the Caribbean. We get to read along as they explore the rich and vibrant culture that the island life provides while trying to raise a family and survive the unpredictable weather.

The other stories take us on adventures with a variety of characters; including a diving instructor lost at sea, a salt miner and his apprentice, a young fisherman and his grandfather, and more!

The settings were so well done that you could almost smell the salty air, and the characters were dynamic and loveable. The dialogue was useful in moving the story along, and every situation gave you a sense of the community, both good and bad.

My only complaint is that the stories seemed to be thrown together randomly. The stories about the Mosby family were often separated by a story that had no connection, and that forced me to stop and figure out what I was reading. Also, while most of the stories were written in a journalistic style, there were a few written in the third person. This inconsistency can confuse a reader if they don’t expect it.

I give the Hero of Blind Pig Island a solid 4 of 5. The stories themselves were immersive and exciting, and while the format bothered me, it barely disrupted the overall experience. I love the ocean, and these stories made me want to go visit the Caribbean all over again. Definitely a book for anyone who wants to go on vacation while staying home!

About the Author:

41LtnkA8F7L._UX250_Jimmy Olsen spent most of his life seeking adventure, and he didn’t make his mark in the literary world until he was in his 40s. Now, he’s the author of several short stories and one full-length novel titled Things in Ditches. To learn more about this author and his works, you can visit his Amazon Page, check out his LinkedIn profile, or connect with him on Facebook.

To get a copy of The Hero of Blind Pig Island for yourself, check out the link below!

The Hero of Blind Pig Island and Other Island Stories

The author’s photo came from Amazon.




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